Kim returned to the airport to open conference suggests children will miss the game a year

Skating queen Kim children (Air Shoes ) skating world championships in Moscow and silver medals, 2, back home. After her arrival at Incheon International Airport Korea held a press conference to introduce the next step. Kim said children, until July will host the 2018 Winter Games to participate in Pyeongchang-related promotional activities, on the other hand need to rest for some time now. Different from the previous season, expected to be difficult to complete the next season. Future plans to rest after the full consideration. This time would imply that she would not participate in the next season (Puma Shoes ) of the Grand Prix. Kim said the children, return to action after a lapse of 13 months, the race did not play 100% of normal levels, but I have tried my best. Very grateful to the audience's support and praised the new program. Kim said child to participate in the tournament goal is not to win, but to show all the new programs. May feel a little regret, but I am basically satisfied with the competition. The new coach 皮特奥皮加 Germany, children Kim said the results had not a bit worried if the game may appear on the various rumors opi garde, but fortunately the ideal results of the competition. Opi Gardner always encouraged me, so I am confident. She also said that in recent years, more and more abundant physical strength. Based preparation for the competition during the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver and returned to participate in physical fitness and competitive state when. Kim is scheduled to children 6 Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Ice show, 18 went to Lausanne, Switzerland, to participate in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Winter Olympics for briefings. Her public activities in Lausanne before heading to the United States, and then scheduled on July 6 to Durban, South Africa. The International Olympic Committee (Chaussures Sports ) decision before the Winter Games host city, participants Pyeongchang bid to host the final sprint to win


Adidas join Disney release "Toy Story 3" Kids Series

With Disney. Pixar cartoon blockbuster "Toy Story 3" shown the world, the world famous sports brand Adidas launched simultaneously with "Toy Story 3" figures as to the design of the new 2010 Winter Kids series. In this classic animated masterpiece of the latest sequel, the creative staff of the re-open the toy Box, so that the global animation fans review the cowboy Woody and Buzz Light year of joy in the world, while the Adidas brand-new children's clothing line through the vibrant with color, fresh and new style design, brightly colored complex prints brought to life these classic cartoon characters to be displayed in front of kids. The series will be June 15, 2010 in mainland China Adidas Adidas hundreds of children and baby specialty stores officially on sale. "Seeing Disney's usual style, Adidas in the design of the new series, want to try to restore the movie personalities, so kids with their favorite cartoon character with walking, running, jumping, in life really real field experience to bring the joy of these cartoon characters. "Adidas shoes designer Daniel. Labus (jordan 2010 ) recalls:" I remember when I was in 1996 and sister watching "Toy Story 1 ", when she was very much like the film. Now, my son and watching" Toy Story 3 ", he loves it. I think this movie is about the theme of friendship and joy is no time limit, it will continue to be the next generation of love and pursuit of the 2010 autumn and winter series of children's shoes is the flagship shoe Disney Vulkid Mid. According to the children of different preferences, to create, including cowboy Woody, Buzz Light year, shepherdess Tsai and toys soldiers and other versions. shoes of the overall design of the color and texture through the use of cartoon characters vivid demonstration of each full individual characteristics. designers to more carefully according to the needs of children of different ages, particularly among young special offers children and baby take the loop design. In addition to exciting the shoes, the new clothing line in 2010 autumn and winter make extensive use of the colors, cool metallic printing and vibrant and the patterns, and matching shoe design Brilliance. which, Buzz Light year Kids paragraph style design emphasis on technology and space; cowboy Woody is amended to brown and orange colors as the main color such as animation, design relative leisure; and Shepherdess earners will be lovely and cute girls shown. the design of children's clothing line is attention to detail processing, such as children's wear designer for the shepherdess class specially designed plush lamb badge. Adidas, which owns two major product lines: Sports Performance Series (the movement by leading Technology) and sports fashion series (including the Adidas Classic and the Fashion Series). Among them, the children's clothing products are sport performance. For more information, please visit hTTp: / / www.press.adidas.com and http://www.adidas.com. - Adidas 2010 Winter Kids series introduces children's shoes section describes the main push the new Disney Vulkid 2010 autumn and winter shoes children's shoes will have the following four main designs: - - paragraph shoes cowboy Woody (June listing for children Edition: G43164, price 480 yuan. October listing, Baby Edition: G17752, price 420 yuan; children Edition: G12651, priced 520 yuan) designer shoes in various body the characteristics of a Woody creative embellishment elements, including the upper and tongue Office application of their checked shirt pattern, in the shoe heel side of the application of their eyes and sheriff badge design. which products are beautifully embroidered heel Wudi Pi with badges design, material echoes Woody suede boots cowboy. In addition, part of the shoe body has applied artificial snake skin material, suggesting that Woody's fear of snakes. a product that also has a hasp for baby wear design. - - Buzz Light year shoes subsection (June listing, Baby Edition: G43235, G43236, pricing 380 for children Edition: G43165, price 480 yuan. October listing, Baby Edition: G17753, price 420 yuan; children Edition: G12668, priced 520 yuan) designer shoes on the use of body pure white patent leather and upper material the use of artificial Liang Si, all reflect the future style. As a highlight of the entire product design models, equipped with a Palestinian children's shoes heel Sri Lanka Guardian logo light years of space. Three-color shoes eyes high-tech space suit on behalf of the Buzz Light year on the three buttons, shoes, body stripes on behalf of its ability to launch laser beam. the whole paragraph products are also applied to Chinese and foreign film Little Green Star's graphics, and made prominent in the specially designed shoes. - Shepherdess Tsai paragraph shoes (baby version: G17751, price 420 yuan; children Edition: G12665, priced 520 yuan) for which products girls to build. extensive use of pink shoes in white body, in contrast, designers not only in the upper clouds on the decoration of the lovely patterns, also adopted a transparent rubber soles, pink three stripes are interspersed on a little white Originality Dot printing. core design of this product is in the shoe body (including the lining and heel) appeared irregular lamb graphic elements, while the shepherdess Tsai patterns in tongue position has been strengthened. which is more like sheep products girls and a small fan to provide a baby hasp version. - toy soldiers, models shoes (baby version: G17754, price 420 yuan; children Edition: G12669, priced 520 yuan) which applied the toy soldiers products quintana logo style camouflage, canvas uppers used as a material, transparent rubber sole material is used. which also adopted the classic children's shoes lined camouflage, shoes and heel edge while retaining article presents the five-star military elements, designers also Application of a toy soldier tongue position pattern. To enhance the attractiveness of sales, Adidas and Walt Disney as the new "Toy Story" launched a special package children's clothing products. packing box highlighted by the high quality special and metal foil into, and is equipped with many details of floating words. all packaging materials and decorative way of showing 3D movies are the role of enhanced products in the store furnishings, and ornamental appeal to consumers. Kids section describes the main push the new flagship 2010 Winter Children with soft fabric and graphic design, and strive together with matching shoes, the film presents the role of distinctive personality. - cowboy Woody Kids use the leisure section of fabric material to create a rough, for example, used the denim fabric of trousers, and front and back of the application of the cowboy Woody in various mixed embroidery and prints. 3 stripes enhance the movement of children's clothing style. Main sweater priced at 398 yuan (P90216); Main T shirt priced at 198 yuan (P90162); knit pants Pricing 320 yuan (P03377), and with multiple pockets and adjustable belt. - Buzz Light year and more next paragraph Kids design color guard by showing the identity of Buzz Light year in space. The family applied to many design details, such as sports jacket (JORDAN 2010 ) in the back of a series of metallic dotted print pattern, leading position within the printing is applied to all the details and design of the metal in the eyes of the lower arm buckle. shiny three-stripe design is further reflected Buzz Light year the space shuttle's casual nature. The series of trousers (P90222, priced at 320 yuan) has many applications in the three stripes design, and another metallic silver long-sleeved T shirt available (P90218, priced at 248 yuan) and short sleeve T shirt (P85534, priced 198 yuan) - Aberdeen section Shepherdess very cute children's clothing designed for girls wear. designers in bright pink with design elements based on the modification and fluffy plush material. The flagship T series shirt (P90214, pricing 180) with details of the knitted fabric has a shiny and lamb emblem inlaid in the front. neck Ruching applied, with Adidas 3 stripes to enhance the sport feel. with matching knit pants are also lined with a lamb in the leg badges (P90212, priced 320 yuan). This series of children's clothing and another bright pink sweater to choose from (P90100, priced at 398 yuan).

Patent add to the fun World Cup

France stuffy flat, Argentina small win, the German victory over the ... ... June 11 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa since the start, gradually ushering in climax. Uruguay World Cup since 1930, the Looking at the world's top football tournament course of development, high technology has never been in the World Cup occupy a pivotal position. In this World Cup, a large number of intellectual property rights of innovative applications of the results to audiences a new experience. "Celebrate" the secrets of June 11, in Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium for the opening match of the World Cup, hosts South Africa midfielder broke into the other restricted players Tshabalala Chuangtzu Nushe, break the door to Mexico, scored first goal at this World Cup. TV slow motion playback, one can clearly see that Tshabalala touches, the ball in the air almost no rotation, draw a strange irregular arc fly to score the door, the Mexican goalkeeper can only hope that the "ball "sigh. This World Cup event in a very eye-catching game ball in Germany Adidas Limited (Adidas) latest "celebrate" (JORDAN 2010 ). This breakthrough game ball using only the 8 ball surface composition, and the realization of spherical three-dimensional modeling structure. To reveal the "celebrate" the secret of strange arc, will have to resolve two patents. "Celebrate" the use of polyurethane materials "Impranil" is the football a milestone in the history of material, this material was first proposed by Adidas and the German company Bayer MaterialScience (hereinafter referred to as Bayer Corporation) to develop applied in 2008 in Europe Cup ball "European passport" above. Reporter by the State Intellectual Property Office patent search platform to extrapolate that this invention has been obtained in 2007, the Chinese patent. To "Impranil" material's "celebrate" this football foam layer is partly accurate flight path, which millions of tiny bubbles from the gas chambers, in its surface covered with a layer of the middle layer and top coat of aliphatic and a layer of skin to protect football from outside influence, to prevent wear and increase flexibility. In addition, the same applied to "celebrate" the "Grip'n'Groove" sphere technology, embedded in place clearly visible aerodynamic grooves, from the aerodynamic principles of this technology can effectively improve after the football touches run stability. AMD in particular is one of tactile surface (Grip), can further enhance the player with different weather conditions in the overall control of the ball. Players use the patent to achieve breakdown of heavily armed countries in the World Cup team sports equipment, patents can be described as heavily armed from head to toe. June 12, the new Division World Player of the Lionel Messi led Argentina appearance Elia Park stadium in Johannesburg, Macy pedal shoes Adidas F50 adiZero reached an unprecedented 165 grams of the lightest weight. However, according to report, in 165 g of this numbers behind the materials used in shoe "SprintSkin" technology, used shoes inside "Aigon" technology and the thermal bonding technology that three high-performance shoe is the basic patent protection. 2009, by German patent "SprintSkin" self-developed technology is the Adidas upper layer composite material, in the smooth upper layer on the use of innovative micro-fiber synthetic leather material, not only effectively reduce the shoes of the dead weight, upper layer technology Gengrang shoes like players like second skin fit the foot, to ensure the best touches sense; the other hand, Adidas has introduced a one-way breathable waterproof technology "Aigon", This technology makes the adsorption capacity of water in the upper reduced to zero, Ring in the wet race, they do not absorb water or sweat because of heavier, while maintaining good ventilation; and splicing technology in shoes, Adi Das also used thermal bonding technology Bayer patent, the aqueous polyurethane dispersion prepared from the heat activated adhesive does not absorb any moisture, making the structure more stable integration of the shoe. In the African teams, the patent is to team members armed to the teeth: The second generation of composite structures technology sneakers, toe region by enhancing flexibility to provide a better feel for the ball; goalkeeper gloves, speed the introduction of a revolutionary closed system, embedded in the palm of the precise stretching region have both hands in the campaign, also retractable; shin plate 5 directly injected into the formation of an external shield protection, protection from harm while rival Spike retained under the leg outline the design of the Department of flexibility. In 1930, the players and the game ball shoes are handmade using traditional materials made of leather; but today, spherical structure, jordan 2010 material, and even playing field of artificial grass and natural grass fibers in different proportions can change the game process. As the race continued in-depth, more patents will help to achieve national team, "celebrate" the dream.


Wuhan v. Adidas "Adi King" trademark infringement

June 11, Adidas Limited ( women adidas ) v. Hua Chu (Quanzhou) Shoes Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chinese pearl company), Adi Wang sporting goods (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Adi King Corporation) and individual business Qianmou registered trademark infringement and unfair competition case in Hubei Province, Wuhan City Intermediate People's Court 24 court hearing was heard. The original defendants were a lot of evidence submitted, the case processing time lasted nearly 2 days. It is understood that the first case, the defendant Qianmou stores in its business prominently used marked "Adi King", "adivon" a combination of text and graphic identity, store sales of shoes, clothing and other related products are also used identified above. The product manufacturers China Company and Adi King Corporation beads. According to Adidas alleged that Chinese companies and Adi Wang Zhu company is also extensive use of its website logo infringement, and carry out related business activities. In response, Adidas request Wuhan Intermediate People's Court ruling three of the accused such acts amount to a violation of trademark registration, the defendant used "Adi King" on the conduct constitutes unfair competition, and awarded 3 The defendant compensation for 500,000 yuan in economic losses. June 11 in the morning the trial scene, the main burden of proof from the Adidas company, three defendants to cross-examination. Adidas company submitted to the court for its "Adidas", "adidas" so the word mark and the "three bars" graphic mark in class 25 for clothing, shoes and other commodities have the exclusive right to prove that the defendant Use the "Adi King", "adivon" such as identity confusion caused by the fact that the relevant public, and demonstrate in court the evidence the accused infringing content. In the afternoon the main burden of proof by the three defendants. The defendant provided evidence that the company currently enjoys "adivon" word mark in class 25 goods of the exclusive right, and its "Adi King" enterprise name is approved by the relevant business sector registered its conduct did not constitute infringement. In evidence, cross-examination, the two sides on the part of the problem once the debate in court, the presiding judge had to remind both sides several times only three of the evidence to show that no debate. June 12, the case entered the court stage of the debate, the two sides mainly on the subject of rights, infringement and other facts and Panpei limit a debate. It is noteworthy that, in the trial process, the women adidas Adi King's infringement will be identified as "three bars", and Adi Wang argues that the company insisted identified as "F inverted triangle." After the trial, the court has not sentenced in court. Newspaper will continue to pay attention.


Players began to adapt to "celebrate"

21 adidas CEO Hainer said the World Cup players are more adapt to match ball "celebrate." "Celebrate" is the Adidas brand-new research and development for the World Cup, but more than 10 days at the start to have suffered reproach. Heiner said, "celebrate" women
company developed before any one of a round ball, the aerodynamics have also been a special treatment, so they can fly faster. More particularly in the thin air and high latitudes, this feature can be better reflected. The England coach Fabio Capello said before, "celebrate" "the worst of history" speech and the goalkeeper's complaint, Heiner stressed that this ball through a series of rigorous technical testing, and all participating teams in this year This got the ball early. He added: "This ball really need to adapt to a period of time that even Messi is no exception." Production manager, according Adidas Bowman said the company expects to sell 13 million "celebrate."

Adidas Rising Star 2010, the international training camp in Beijing

The world's premier basketball camp, a rising star of international training camp Adidas (jordan
) in the Asia-Pacific region before training camp officially opened in the Sports Camp. Asia-Pacific region from 58 to 18 years old 15 years old top basketball honor to this new training camp. From June 15 to June 20, the juvenile will receive 58 Basketball NBA coaches and players over the guidance, from the theory and technology have been fully improved. 58 players in training, women's basketball team added rookie training camp is the highlight of the current stars of tomorrow. Zhezhi aged 15-18 years old rookie team members from August 1, Liaoning, Jiangsu and Guangdong four domestic strength of the strongest Junior Women. In which five women's basketball team members from August 1, 2009, Chinese women in their youth basketball league, won the championship. Adidas Rising Star International Training Camp (adidas Nations) is the world's prestigious basketball camp - Adidas Rising Star Camp (women
) the upgrade version, designed to further promote the Adidas for Basketball has always been the idea that the real basketball team on which the victory. This is a global coverage of the basketball camp, from Africa, China, the United States, Latin America, and Europe under the age of 18 talented young basketball team will be composed of local representatives, after five months of training camps in the professional guidance and a common life , the final summer for the United States in 2010 for further intensive training. Adidas International Training Camp for rising star Jim • gator (Jim Gatto), said: "Adidas basketball training camp set up this is to help those who have the opportunity to young talented basketball together, and professional guidance through the Church How do they develop the most comprehensive tactical ability. We believe that, despite all of the elite teams are composed by the great players, great players but they complement each other and only on the basis of mutual sacrifice to eventually become a champion. like Adidas tomorrow Star of the international training camp this project will help these small players off the playing field cultured spirit of mutual cooperation, to the availability of a potential champion. "To help young talents in Asia to improve better quality basketball, Adidas invited NBA players participate in a training camp guide the Asia-Pacific Programme. Now playing for NBA Clippers shooting guard - Eric - Gordon, 08-09 and 09-10 in the past two seasons, first issue a field of 125 times, averaging 16.9 points and 3.0 assists basket, averaging 1.1 times, the average playing time of 34.3 minutes. In addition to and Eric - Ben Gordon, discuss techniques, the training camp the past, these elites also had the honor of young people in Asia to accept the legendary basketball coach more than the personal guidance. Including :08-09 season, the Phoenix Suns coach Terry • Porter (Terry Porter), former NBA player and coach, is the owner of the Phoenix College Basketball 2J Frank • Johnson Frank Johnson, and former NBA Ed • Education Skilling (ED Schilling), Chris • Rui Fu (Chris River), and the Chinese team before the national champion Shan Tao.

Adidas football this year, product sales expected over 1.5 billion euros

Recently, against Germany and Argentina World Cup in South Africa, such as outstanding performance, as its sponsor Adidas announced it would pull their jerseys, football and other products, sales, expected sales of football products a record, reaching over 1.5 billion euros. Main women
Adidas Group, said the World Cup in South Africa over the last ten days of competition to Adidas confident this year's performance. Adidas sponsored Germany, Argentina outstanding performance in the group stage, Spain is regarded as the favorites. Data show that the first quarter of this year, Adidas football sales up 26%, which sold more than 6.5 million sets of uniforms, Germany, Argentina jersey sales have more than one million units each, the last World Cup in Germany A adidas jersey sold 300 million units more than double the growth. Adidas provided "celebrate" Football will reach 13 million, sales of the same hot, Adidas soccer products this year, it is expected that sales growth of 25% than the last World Cup, reaching 1.5 billion euros. JORDAN 2010 football products present a greater market share, independent market research firm NPD data, Adidas 34% market share in Germany and the United States for more than 50% market share, the World Cup for the 12 teams and more than 200 athletes sports equipment, both in Spain and Argentina this popular team, but also the Slovak team that upset the dark horse.